Career as a Surgeon

Consultant general surgeon with special interest in advanced laparoscopic surgery and coloproctological surgery.
Accredited by the SECO (Spanish Society of Obesity Surgery) in bariatric surgery.

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Malaga with an average grade of outstanding. He has completed training as a resident physician in general surgery at the Carlos Haya University Hospital in Malaga. 

He has been practicing as a general surgery consultant for more than 15 years, mainly at the Hospital de la Serranía de Ronda.

From the beginning he had a special interest in laparoscopic surgery, introducing, since his arrival at the Hospital de Ronda, advanced laparoscopic surgery of the colon and rectum and gastroesophageal pathologies such as hiatal hernia, gastrectomy and laparoscopic achalasia surgery.

He has collaborated with different surgical services, for the implantation of new advanced laparoscopic techniques.
And in recent years he has collaborated with the urology department of the hospital in Ronda in performing the oncological laparoscopic nephrectomy.

​He obtained the bariatric surgery accreditation in 2010 after one year of training in the bariatric surgery unit of the Carlos Haya Hospital. He has performed many surgical procedures mainly gastric bypass and gastric sleeve.

In recent years it has specialized in coloproctológica surgery applying new techniques in the treatment of hemorrhoids and complex fistulas as the use of a new laser surgery for hemorrhoids that allows the procedure on an outpatient basis and presenting a very good postoperative with greatly reduced pain compared to classical hemorrhoidectomy surgical techniques.

He has attended several training courses on new varicose surgery techniques and a 6-month training stay in a reference center in this type of intervention for the comprehensive treatment of varicose veins with radiofrequency, sclerotherapy with foam and the innovative treatment of varicose veins with biological glue, which makes the patient not need compression stockings after surgery.

In 2020, in the "Médicos de Ronda" medical center, an outpatient surgery operating room was inaugurated for the resolution of multiple surgical pathologies, where the patient can be discharged shortly after performing the surgery.

In recent years he has also worked at the Quirón Salud Hospital in Marbella and at the Quirón Salud Hospital in Campo de Gibraltar where he belongs to the surgery service, performing many surgical procedures.

He has been an associate professor at the university for more than 10 years. from Malaga, teaching anatomy and pathophysiology classes at the Virgen de la Paz university nursing school in Ronda.

He has the Professional Competence Accreditation, ADVANCED Level, granted by the Health Quality Agency of Andalusia.

Currently, since 2021, he is in charge of the surgery department head at the public hospital in the Serranía de Ronda health area, organizing several annual laparoscopic surgery courses for inguinal 
hernias and colon surgieres.

Since the beginning of 2022 he has been part of the surgical team at the
HC Internacional hospital in Marbella.